Flyer33 - Dykstra Naval Architects

The Flyer33 is a Dykstra design, commissioned by a former world champion in the Cadet class.

If an extremely competitive sailor and the most renowned Dutch yacht designers challenge each other in all areas, something beautiful comes out.

To Menken the honor of building this boat and getting new champions sailing.

Newport Bass

The Newport Bass has a length of 9.20 meters. The XL is 10.30 meters long. Both are 3.12 meters wide and are available in several deck options. The Newport Bass Convertible has a airdraught of 1.85 meters, the Softtop 2.25m and Hardtop is 2.38 high.

We started in 2004 with the "Convertible-model" as the ultimate cabin sloop. Since then we developed various deck layouts, for every need a yachtsman might have. All versions are solid and characterful motor yachts.


We are convinced that electric boating will be a part of our future. But we are also convinced that a good electric boat is probably
not be an existing diesel model with an electric motor.

In electric sailing, hydrodynamics, drag, theoretical hull speed and water handling play a much larger role.

This is why we chose to develop a boat with a low wash hull, that very easily releases its water, has enough length at the waterline for a nice hull speed and is also built light, without being unstable.

Piet Hein Sloop

The Piet Hein is our first design, which has been seen in the Dutch waters for over 25 years. And still, we are unbelievably proud of the Piet Hein. The full stern of the ship, the robust lines, the strong build, and the clinkered build make a day on the water a tour with class.

The CAB - Fast CAB

Sturdy and stable:
The CAB is a 20-footer with inboard diesel engine. Manoeuvrable, steady and stable - The CAB owes it to its heavy construction and well-thought-out linesplan.
The Fast CAB has a 110 hp inboard diesel and is just as heavy
built. Fast, without bouncing. This luxury dayboat combines easy handling with a top speed of 45 km/h - but remains steady and stable on course.


The original American commuter - the taxi boats. The roots of The CAB XL originate in the USA, where the sisterships have experienced the Roaring Twenties. In those times ships like The CAB were mainly used to taxi the rich businessmen from their vacationhouse on Long Island to Manhattan. During Prohibition, ships like The CAB were used for liquor smuggling. With the invention of automobiles and the construction of bridges, the ships lost their functionality, but Menken restored this rich history with luxury dayboats and the comfort of modern times.


Since 2007 we have been building the Hudson26. With this boat we have been a trendsetter in the later "tender" segment.
The classic hull of the Hudson26 is inspired by the American Eastcoast lobster boats. Here, limited draught played an important role, while the substantial flared bow ensured that the ships set up well on open water and sailed dry. The large open transom gives the feeling of being even closer to the water.


The Reeves36, intimate cruising

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